What is Sublimae

Puglia is a magical, enchanting place, the perfect setting for the most beautiful fairytale that any bride and groom can ever read: their wedding.

Welcome to Sublimae!

Sublimae is the support that every bride and every groom needs and is the best means, thanks to its many years of experience in the field of weddings in Puglia. Sublimae takes care of the planning of the entire wedding, in every facet, and of the supply of more specific services, such as the choice of the ideal location or the musical entertainment for the whole day, always giving priority to the spouses and what they really want: to live the most beautiful day of their lives in an enchanting place, without any kind of worry. Sublimae is aimed at all professionals in the wedding world who want to create unique and professional events in Puglia, offering them logistics, a wide range of services and knowledge of the territory.

Sublime is what does not exist in the objects we see, but it exists in us.

(Taken from Critique of Judgment, 1790, Immanuel Kant)

About us

We are a team of experts, in love with Puglia and honored to live in a land so beautiful and comfortable, we have created Sublimae to show the bride and groom as such a magical place filled with facets, can be the perfect setting for the day of wedding. After a long and consolidated career in the industry of events and the world of night and entertainment, we have oriented our commitment in wedding, creating the figure of the wedding manager. They say of us that we are passionate, humble and charismatic.

Our philosophy is simple: elements such as the sea, the stone and the olive trees must "marry" with the idea of marriage that the spouses have in mind. We reject the false idea of the wedding planner that imposes, that dictates the cliché. Marriage must be shaped by a skilled craftsman! The keystone is simplicity, luxury accessible to everyone!

The mission. Every element of this story must be perfect: the places, the flowers, the music, the food, so as to make each wedding unique, so as to make it Sublimae!

Wedding event

Sublimae is WeddingItaly® for Puglia. WeddingItaly® was founded in 1999 and organizes weddings for foreign couples throughout Italy, from Venice to Tuscany, from Lake Como to the Amalfi coast. Now with the entry of Giacomo Rizzo, soul of Sublimae, the most famous team of wedding organizers in Italy is also present in Puglia! Sublimae and WeddingItaly® represent a winning joint venture in which the twenty-year experience in organizing weddings meets the capillary knowledge of the Apulian territory.

We have developed various wedding ideas, all unique and linked to the territory: Marriage by the sea, Country chic, Tradition, Accessible Luxury, Castle and Ancient Village. We are in Puglia!

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